Dr Brian English

Community Psychologist – Chronic Pain and Trauma


Dr Brian English is a Community Psychologist specialising in stress-related disorders caused by
difficult life events and circumstances. Examples include traumatic stress from injuries at work and
motor vehicle accidents, health setbacks and chronic pain, persistent depression associated with
issues at work or at home and a belief that nothing we do matters, and the anger and anxiety we
feel when it seems we're invisible to our partners, extended family and close friends.

Brian holds postgraduate degrees in a number of areas – PGC (clinical pain management), MSc
(App Psych – with a focus on clinical and organizational psychology), an MBA (with studies in
mediation, employee wellbeing and organizational change management), and a PhD
(developmental psychology). His focus is on helping his clients manage psychological distress that
seriously impacts on their health, important relationships, their work and overall wellbeing. His
areas of expertise include:

Trauma – with a special focus on 'first responders' and disaster counselling 
Chronic Pain – when you've suffered for years
Depression – particularly persistent depression
Relationship Conflict – including anger management and coping with anxiety 

Brian has a keen interest and training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Eye-
Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive Behavioural Analysis System of
Psychotherapy (CBASP) and Gottman Relationship Counselling. He sees the goal of therapy as
‘… assisting his clients to have the life that matters to them’. With over 30 years experience as a
Community Psychologist, he brings an evidence-based approach to help you manage distress and
build resilience.

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