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Rocktape pic life guardDo you suffer from muscle soreness or cramping? Joint pain? Inflammation, bruising or swelling? Poor posture or limited range of motion? More and more people are discovering the benefits of Kinesiology Tape for assisting these conditions.

When applied correctly, the kinesiology tape’s unique elasticity (we use Rocktape) causes the skin to form convolutions and wrinkles. This decompresses the tissue immediately below the skin, boosting blood and lymphatic flow, reducing pain, improving range of motion and increasing body awareness.

RockTape lasts 3-5 days, so you really don’t need to be applying it at the last minute before exercise. The adhesive in the tape is heat activated, so you ideally want to have the tape on an hour before exercise, or even two hours before water based exercise.  Why not get it on the night before and sleep in it? That is the best way to ensure it is well stuck for your morning exercise.

Please ensure that the area to be taped is clear of hair (shaving is fine) so that the tape can fully adhere to the skin to obtain maximum benefits.

Get it off GENTLY: RockTape sticks well, but it does come off quite easily if you are careful. PLEASE DON’T USE THE “BAND-AID” TECHNIQUE OF “GRIP AND RIP”. When using any type of adhesive tape on skin, most skin irritation occurs when the skin is subject to traction force with an aggressive removal technique.  RockTape comes off more easily when it is wet, and we recommend peeling the tape back on itself SLOWLY, in the direction of hair growth (to avoid a waxing effect guys- the girls usually know this!), and if possible, whilst supporting the skin behind the tape as it is gently eased away.  If you, or your skin, is particularly sensitive, then apply some oil over the tape before removing it and the oil will break down the adhesive and make the removal much easier.

RockTaping @ Active Wellness Centre

Lynn and Vanessa have undertaken RockTape practitioner training (including “Power Taping”) to optimise your injury recovery and prevention.

Rock tape pic keyboardA 15 minute RockTaping session includes assessment, brief localised treatment as required and taping of one main area – $35 

A 10 minute RockTaping Add On can increase the benefit of a Remedial Massage, Musculoskeletal or Chiropractic treatment or Exercise session. Your practitioner may suggest this, or feel free to request a RockTaping Add On. This can also be added to a 15 minute RockTaping session should there be multiple or extensive areas to be taped – $20  

FAQS Chiropractic Therapy

Chiro FAQs imageWhat happens at the first visit?

The first visit is really about finding out whether the treatment we provide is right for you. The chiropractor will sit with you and get a history of your reasons for visiting and any important previous health history. A thorough examination will then be performed to work out what is going on and to determine if chiropractic is likely to help you. If it is likely to help then treatment can begin. The chiropractor may give you a referral for x-rays or other imaging if required. If the chiropractor feels that a different form of treatment would be more beneficial or that chiropractic treatment is not suitable, you will be advised so that you can move in the right direction to get the results you want.

What Does Treatment Involve?

Treatment involves the use of a number of proven techniques to restore function and get you feeling better as soon as possible. The different techniques are chosen based on the specific issues present, the patient age, pain/levels present, preference of the patient and most importantly what is going to work for that individual. Techniques include chiropractic adjustments (can be traditional manipulation or more recent non-manipulative techniques), muscle release therapy; dry needling and home exercises and rehabilitation advice.

Do I have to get “Cracked”?

No you don’t. Approximately one third of our patients choose non-manipulative (“non-cracking”) chiropractic treatment. There are a number of very effective techniques to correct misalignments without the “crack”. Young children and people into their nineties commonly get these types of chiropractic corrections, as do those who simply don’t like the idea of being cracked. For those of you who love the tried and tested manipulation style chiropractic then we are more than happy to accommodate you as well.

Does it hurt?

Chiropractic treatment itself should not cause pain, rather should decrease pain and have you feeling better. In fact some patients actually experience a rush of euphoria following treatment due to a release of endorphins. It is not uncommon to experience a “good soreness” when the body starts moving and functioning properly again. Like if you haven’t exercised for a while and start again and get a similar “good soreness”.

Is chiropractic treatment supported by GP’s?

A lot of GPs understand the benefits of chiropractic care in treating musculoskeletal conditions. We get many referrals from, and work closely with a number of local GPs.

Do I need a medical referral?

No. You can arrange to see the chiropractor of your choice at any time without the need for a referral. However, if you qualify for treatment under the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program offered by Medicare, you will need a referral from your GP. It will cover up to a maximum of 5 chiropractic visits per year. Likewise, chiropractic care under the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) will also need a medical referral from your GP.

Peter Anderson B.Sc. M. Chiro. (Chiropractor)

Active Wellness Centre 15 Boree St Ulladulla NSW 2539

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    Sports Injury
    Rehabilitation and Workers Compensation providers (Remedial Massage / Exercise Physiology, Chiropractic & Psychology)
    Nutritional supplements
    Personal Training 1 on 1 or group sessions (Accredited Exercise Scientist/ Exercise Physiologist E.S.S.A/ Cert 111 & 1V Trainer)
    Group exercise classes especially designed for your injury or dysfunction
    Pilates based core strengthening programs
    Arthritic & Pain Management
    Osteoporosis Management & Exercise Programs
    EPC referral for Chronic Disease Management (From your G.P.)  Exercise Physiologist/Chiropractic/Psychology
    Hydrotherapy programs
    Remedial Massage
    Relaxation Body Massage
    Hot Stone Massage
    Psychology Services
    Counselling Services
    Musculoskeletal Therapy/postural & biomechanical evaluation
    Dry Needling
    Certified Organic Aromatherapy Facials and Skin Care (Organic Spa products)
    Eco Tan Organic Tanning Products
    Wellness Coaching
    Exercise Science

No referral is required for treatments with Active Wellness Centre. You may consult us either directly or by referral from your medical practitioner or specialist. WorkCover patients attending our Remedial Masseur or Exercise Physiology services require a Doctor’s referral and approval through your insurer.

If you are seeking Exercise Physiology, Chiropractic or Psychology  Services under a Medicare or DVA rebate, you will need to consult your G.P. to seek if you may be eligible for an EPC referral for our clinic.

Massage and Relaxation

Relaxation Body Massage

Hot Stones Massage

Warmed stones and oils bring a deep level of relaxation to tight and tired muscles without the need for heavy pressure, allowing you to fully relax whilst releasing accumulated tension.

60 mins $90

90 mins $120

Soothing Massage

Relax tired and tense muscles, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, boost your immune system and lower your blood pressure with a soothing relaxation massage enhanced by pure aromatherapy oils…feel the tension drift away…

Full body massage 60 mins $85

Back, neck and shoulders 30 mins $45

Leg and foot refresher 20 mins $30

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