Sports Injury
    Rehabilitation and Workers Compensation providers (Remedial Massage / Exercise Physiology, Chiropractic & Psychology)
    Nutritional supplements
    Personal Training 1 on 1 or group sessions (Accredited Exercise Scientist/ Exercise Physiologist E.S.S.A/ Cert 111 & 1V Trainer)
    Group exercise classes especially designed for your injury or dysfunction
    Pilates based core strengthening programs
    Arthritic & Pain Management
    Osteoporosis Management & Exercise Programs
    EPC referral for Chronic Disease Management (From your G.P.)  Exercise Physiologist/Chiropractic/Psychology
    Hydrotherapy programs
    Remedial Massage
    Relaxation Body Massage
    Hot Stone Massage
    Psychology Services
    Counselling Services
    Musculoskeletal Therapy/postural & biomechanical evaluation
    Dry Needling
    Certified Organic Aromatherapy Facials and Skin Care (Organic Spa products)
    Eco Tan Organic Tanning Products
    Wellness Coaching
    Exercise Science

No referral is required for treatments with Active Wellness Centre. You may consult us either directly or by referral from your medical practitioner or specialist. WorkCover patients attending our Remedial Masseur or Exercise Physiology services require a Doctor’s referral and approval through your insurer.

If you are seeking Exercise Physiology, Chiropractic or Psychology  Services under a Medicare or DVA rebate, you will need to consult your G.P. to seek if you may be eligible for an EPC referral for our clinic.

Massage and Relaxation

Relaxation Body Massage

Hot Stones Massage

Warmed stones and oils bring a deep level of relaxation to tight and tired muscles without the need for heavy pressure, allowing you to fully relax whilst releasing accumulated tension.

60 mins $90

90 mins $120

Soothing Massage

Relax tired and tense muscles, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, boost your immune system and lower your blood pressure with a soothing relaxation massage enhanced by pure aromatherapy oils…feel the tension drift away…

Full body massage 60 mins $85

Back, neck and shoulders 30 mins $45

Leg and foot refresher 20 mins $30

Medicare Information

2000px-Medicare_brand.svgWho is eligible?

You may be able to claim Medicare rebates for allied health services if you have a chronic (or terminal) medical condition that is being managed by your GP under both of these Medicare Chronic Disease Management (CDM) items: a GP Management Plan (GPMP) and Team Care Arrangements (TCAs). The need for allied health services must be directly related to your chronic condition.

Chronic Medical Conditions

A chronic medical condition is one that has been (or is likely to be) present for six months or longer, for example, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal conditions and stroke. There is no list of eligible conditions. However, the CDM items are designed for patients who require a structured approach and to enable GPs to plan and coordinate the care of patients with complex conditions requiring ongoing care from a multidisciplinary team.

Management of Your Condition

If you have a chronic (or terminal) condition, with or without complex care needs, a GPMP will enable your GP to provide a structured approach to your care. It is a plan of action in which you agree management goals with your GP.

If you also have complex care needs, requiring multidisciplinary care, TCAs will enable your GP to collaborate with at least two other care providers involved in your treatment. TCAs will identify who needs to be involved in your care and help coordinate the team-based approach.

Active Wellness Centre can provide Exercise Physiology, Chiropractic and Psychology services.

Active Wellness Centre meet specific eligibility criteria and are registered with Medicare Australia.

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