Chelena Chan

Chelena is a British trained osteopath and has been in practice since 2007.  She has a holistic approach using gentle hands that listen to your body to achieve muscle release, joint mobility and the ease of spasm and pain for everyday health and relief.  This method treats the whole patient to help them re-establish their relationship to health and encourages the body’s capacity to heal itself.  It does not sacrifice depth or efficiency but allows the body to rebalance and regain health from within.

Chelena believes deeply in the ability of osteopathy to treat an enormous range of acute and chronic injuries in people of all ages.   In her clinical work she has supported many families with her hands-on treatment – from newborn babies to the elderly and everyone in between. She has found that using a combination of tailor-made gentle treatment and exercise prescription can help get the body back to functioning to the best of it’s ability.  Her varied techniques mean she is able to offer a treatment solution for everyone.

Although osteopathy may be able to help with any joint or muscle issue in the body, Chelena has found her niche in managing conditions including headaches, whiplash-type injury, TMJ/ jaw, neck and back issues, abdominal and pelvic pain and helping to release retained trauma in the body.


Her treatment also includes a visceral approach, working specifically around your abdomen to give you relief from symptoms which may arise from gut and digestive discomfort such as uncomfortable bloating, constipation, sliding hiatus hernia and reflux as well as unresolved structural pain that may be coming from a more internal cause.

Chelena loves working with expectant mums and babies and has completed a visceral paediatric course which has helped to improve her knowledge and treatment of babies and children.


Since graduating, she has lived and worked in the UK and Canada as well as Australia.  From a professional perspective, her love of travel has opened doors to international education and one-on-one mentoring with some of the best practitioners of osteopathy around the world.


Apart from osteopathy and travel, Chelena enjoys getting out into nature to hike or climb when the weather is fine and nurturing her creative side by spending time playing the guitar and making delicious goodies in the kitchen for her family and friends.


Chelena has a particular interested in:

  • relieving musculoskeletal discomfort from gut and digestive upset
  • TMJ and jaw issues, including support for splint and SOMA users
  • pre and post natal musculoskeletal care of the mother
  • treatment for babies following an unexpected and more involved birth process


Her post graduate training includes:

Sutherland cranial college (England)
Touch for Health Kinesiology (TFH 1-4) (Australia)
Visceral Osteopathy Program, Barral Institute (Canada and USA)
Neural manipulation, Barral Institute (Canada)
Visceral Application for Paediatrics (VAP), Barral Institute (USA)

Biodynamics (Australia)


Chelena is a member of Osteopathy Australia and is fully registered with AHPRA

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