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What Happens in a Musculoskeletal Therapy Session?

Healthy Back and ood postureGood posture depends on the dynamic relationship between muscles, nerves, connective tissues and the skeletal system. Musculoskeletal therapy aims to provide the ideal alignment for your body to remain healthy and pain free.

During a MST treatment, your therapist will:

  • conduct a posture analysis during consultation
  • check the body’s overall range of movement
  • apply musculoskeletal techniques,myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, joint mobilisation, dry needling, trigger points
  • applying massage techniques on soft tissues and joints to relieve pain
  • provide a home stretching program to increase flexibility and strengthen
  • suggest nutritional supplements to aid in the rehabilitation of injured areas

Who may benefit from musculoskeletal therapy?

Almost anyone who suffers from chronic and acute pain in the back and shoulder, headaches, arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, jaw grinding and clenching, multiple sclerosis and those who are recovering from muscle/ bone injuries may find musculoskeletal therapy to be more effective than over the counter pain relievers and medicines, bed rest and regular massage therapy.

Different from massage therapy

Most people make the mistake of assuming that a massage therapist and a musculoskeletal therapist are one and the same. Unlike a massage therapist, a musculoskeletal therapist possesses advanced skills in identifying your posture problems and uses an extensive range of treatment options aside from massage to treat your pains and aches at the source. MST is a treatment that focuses not only on relieving your pain but also on prevention and maintenance.

Other health benefits of musculoskeletal therapy

Freeing joints from compression and tension improves your range of movement, relieves nerve pain, improve your breathing and relaxes you. A good skeletal alignment means that you don’t need to overuse your back and shoulders muscles to maintain good posture, you don’t have to work harder to stand straight. We want you to be aware of your body and give you the keys to understand your strengths and weaknesses so you can achieve your best posture.

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