Vanessa Georgina Gonzalez V, Cert IV Allied Health

VanessaCert IV Allied Health (Physiotherapy)
Bach Flower Remedies
Advanced Somatic Neuromuscular Release Facilitation
Herbal Medicine
Sports Massage
Table Shiatsu Massage
Relaxation Massage
Senior First Aid

My interest in Natural Therapies and Physical Medicine started shortly after completing high school in Guadalajara, Mexico. I undertook courses in Natropathy, Herbal Medicine, Massage Therapy, Bach Flower Remedies and Advanced Somatic Neuromuscular Release Facilitation. I then began studying at the Autonoma University of Guadalajara in the field of Physiotherapy.

I assist Physiotherapist professionals with treatments as well as undertaking Relaxation and Deep Tissue Massage. I can help professional athletes and other maintain or regain their peak performance or regain functionality after injury.

I hope to contribute in the health care system by applying my knowledge to helping patients recover and adjust back to their normal functional activities in life.

I hope to create and provide information and health campaigns that will educate and help patients.

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